Virgin Mobile Prepaid

Prepaid Text

$7/$15 per month
Send text messages to anyone in Canada and the U.S.
  • $  7/month: 500 outgoing text messages
  • $15/month: Unlimited outgoing text messages
Text messages must be sent from Canada.

Voicemail to Text

$3.00 per month
  • Turns voicemails into text messages so you can check them in seconds with no dialing and no hassle.
  • Save $2!
Offer available for a limited time only. Only available on HSPA phones.

Prepaid Data

  • $25/month: 500 MB¹
  • $35/month: 1 GB¹
Any overages in data usage will be charged at  5¢ per MB.

Prepaid Long Distance

$10-$30 per month
  • $10/month: 100 Canadian long distance
  • $20/month: Unlimited Canadian long distance
  • $30/month: Unlimited Canadian & U.S. long distance

Long distance charges are covered but airtime charges still apply.