Long Distance

Get in touch with your family and friends across Canada and the U.S. for less! Choose a home phone long distance plan that fits your calling needs.

If you don't have a long distance rate plan, or make an operated-assisted call, basic long distance rates apply.

Anytime North America Plan

Get unlimited calling with our Anytime North America Long Distance plan —all for one low monthly rate. Yes, it's really that simple!


Straight Rate North America Savings Plan

Get the freedom of a low per-minute rate with the Straight Rate North America Savings Plan.


Location Cost
Calls within Canada 25¢/minute + airtime
Calls to the US 25¢/minute + airtime
Calls in the US (local) $3.00/day
Calls in the US (long distance) $3.00/day
Calls received in the US $3.00/day
Calls while roaming internationally 30¢-$6.99/minute depending on the country you’re in
Text Messages received within Canada Free
Text Messages sent within Canada 20¢/message
Text Messages sent to the U.S. 20¢/message
Text Messages sent internationally 20¢-65¢/message depending on the country you’re in