Chatr Roaming

Travelling the World

Travelling with your chatr phone? Lucky you! But make sure to swap out your SIM card at participating chatr retailer locations as you will experience connectivity issues. Also remember that US and International pay-per-use charges will apply, so add some extra money to your account before you go!
See the following list of countries where you're covered to use your chatr service, and the specific rates for that country.

Helpful Travel Tips

U.S. Dialing Instructions

Local Call: Dial (area code) and 7-digit phone number
Long Distance Call: Dial 1 (area code) and 7-digit phone number
Overseas Call: Dial 011 (country code) (city code) and phone number

International Dialing Instructions

Local Call: Dial local phone number
Long Distance Call to Canada or the United States: Dial + [plus sign] 1 [North America country code] (area code) and 7-digit phone number
Long Distance Call to Another Country: Dial + [plus sign] (country code) and phone number

As soon as you leave Canada and enter a new country/area your device will automatically switch onto one of the wireless network providers in your destination.


To access your voicemail while roaming, press and hold 1, as you normally would. You may be asked to enter your wireless phone number before your password.

Depending on your international roaming destination, your voicemail service may work differently than at home since you're using a foreign network. Roaming charges apply when retrieving your voice messages from your wireless phone while you are roaming. Voice messages that are deposited in your voice mailbox do not incur any roaming charges. You will need to have a balance of at least 25¢ to ensure your callers can leave messages while roaming.

Text Messaging¹

While roaming internationally, you can receive text messages from home and send messages back to Canada, the U.S. or while travelling in one of partner countries.

To send a text message while roaming in the U.S.:

If your recipient has a Canadian or U.S. number - enter the Canadian or U.S. area code and 7-digit wireless phone number. If your recipient has a number outside of Canada or the U.S. enter "+", then the country code, followed by the wireless phone number

To send a text message while roaming overseas:

Enter "+", then the country code, followed by the wireless phone number.

Emergency Calls While Roaming

Global networks around the world will recognize 9-1-1 as the number to reach emergency services.

Charger Adapter

If you're travelling overseas, please ensure you check the electricity voltage at your destination and purchase an adapter for your device's charger.

¹ There is no guarantee of delivery within a specific period of time. There is also a slight risk that your message may not be delivered, as many factors may contribute to delivery options. Messages not delivered after 72 hours will be deleted. Additionally you may experience inconsistencies in message delivery if the receiving party is roaming off their home network, service providers have made changes, or the recipient has recently changed their service provider while maintaining their original phone number. These are limitations of the local and International delivery network, not specifically the chatr network, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause.