Chatr Long Distance

411 Directory Assistance

$2.00 per call
  • Dial 4-1-1 from your chatr phone and you will be connected to Directory Assistance.
There are pay-per-use charges if you’re calling while outside a chatr unlimited zone.

Outgoing Calls

  • From In-Zone: Free.
  • From Out-of-zone (and other provinces) to within Canada: 25¢ per minute on Talk, Text & Data plans; 40¢ per minute on the Local Talk Plan or the $25 Talk & Text plan.
  • From In-Zone to International destinations: As per International Talk Saver Rates.
  • From Out-of-Zone to International destinations: 25¢ per minute + International Talk Saver Rates on Talk, Text & Data plans; or 40¢ per minute + International Call Rates on the Local Talk Plan; or International Talk Saver Rates on Talk & Text plans; 

Voicemail - Local Talk Plan

40¢/min for retrievals