Bell Roaming

Canada's largest 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi network

Covering over 99% of the population, Bell offers more coverage with access to the largest 4G network in Canada. We’re also proud to say that Bell gives you access to a network that never falls back to 2G. Always moving forward, we're now working to give you access to even faster speeds as we continue to roll out the LTE network, already Canada’s largest, and growing. In February 2015, we launched LTE Advanced, the most advanced wireless technology, and through ongoing investments, we now offer the largest LTE coverage across Canada.

Roam BetterTM

Stay connected when you travel with Roam Better, a feature you add with a one-time opt-in. By adding it to your account, you will save when roaming in the U.S. and internationally.

Choose between our two different options: select Roam Better - with home data* to use the data from your account when travelling, or select Roam Better - with 100 MB to get 100 MB/day of data that doesn't come out of the data from your current plan.

Travel Passes for destinations not covered by Roam Better

Roam Better is available to customers on most monthly plans and Small Business plans. If Roam Better is not available for your travel destination, you can purchase one of our affordable Travel Passes.

See the following for more details about coverage and rates.

All charges will appear on your Bell Mobility invoice in Canadian funds.
Roaming is not available on Prepaid plans.
  • * The Roam Better - with home data feature includes maximum download speeds for up to 500 MB of data usage per day. Beyond 500 MB, speeds are up to 512 Kbps for the rest of the day, suitable for light web browsing, email and messaging.† Data speeds reset at 12:00 a.m. (ET) daily.
  • Taxes extra.
  • Roam Better is available to customers on most monthly plans, within the coverage areas of certain Bell roaming partners in the U.S. and international destinations.
  • Roam Better is not available on prepaid plans, corporate accounts and plans that include roaming services.
  • You should not purchase a Travel Pass for a Roam Better destination if you have Roam Better. If you have a Travel Pass and Roam Better active on your line while in a Roam Better destination, you will not have access to your Travel Pass allowance and Roam Better will apply to your roaming usage and charges.
  • Roam Better may be incompatible with other roaming features on your line that require removal before you can add Roam Better.
  • Roam Better is a pay-per-use feature subject to change without notice, including coverage, rates and usage allowances.
  • You will only be charged for a maximum of 20 days per line in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and a maximum of 20 days per line in other international destinations within the same billing period. Additional charges for data top-ups still apply.
  • Premium texts and Text to Landline messages are not included and are subject to additional charges.
  • Roam Better is not to be used for roaming permanently or semi-permanently within any Roam Better destination(s).
  • Certain types of usage will not result in the daily charge, including: making a call to Bell customer service, receiving texts, or using non-chargeable data.
  • (†)Speed and signal strength may vary due to roaming partner’s network technology, traffic, topography, environmental conditions and other factors.