Bell Business Call Features & Applications

Call Display

$10 per month
See the caller's number before you answer so you can decide which calls to take.
  • Manage your time and costs by declining unnecessary calls
  • See callers' names if their name is stored in your phonebook
  • See who's calling while you're on another call with Visual Call Waiting

Message Centre

$10 per month
A voicemail service that allows you to save 25 messages that are up to 5 minutes long each. Access your voicemails by calling into your mailbox or via MMS (multimedia messaging service), which delivers the audio files directly to your phone.
  • Saves your messages for up to 14 days
  • Create a personalized greeting or use a standard greeting
  • Retrieve messages for free from your home phone

Call Forwarding

$10 per month
Forward your incoming calls to another phone number. Pay-per-use is available for as little as $0.25/minute

Visual Voicemail

$8 per month

Visual Voicemail is a quick and easy way to listen to your messages without having to dial in. Simply scan through all of your messages, get a visual summary of who called and when, and choose which message to listen to right on your screen.

  • Select and listen to messages in the order you want and respond easily with just one click via text message, multimedia message or email (on capable devices).
  • Voicemail messages are delivered as audio files, so you can listen to them without dialling into your voicemail service.
  • Listen to messages saved on your phone even if you're outside a coverage area.
  • More details:
  • Note:
    • Available on all iPhone models with iOS 3.0 or higher
    • To use Visual Voicemail, you must be subscribed to a voicemail service such as Message Centre Lite, Message Centre Express or Message Centre.
    • Visual Voicemail requires a data plan. It is not available through Wi-Fi.

Voicemail to Text

$9 per month

Voicemail to Text transcribes incoming voicemail into text messages (SMS) and delivers them to your mobile phone so you can quickly read your voicemail when you're busy or unable to dial in. The feature can convert messages in English or French.

  • Requires a mobile phone or smartphone that is capable of receiving text messages.
  • To use Voicemail to Text, you must be subscribed to Message Centre.


$15 per month
Discover the Bell Business Mobility Push-to-talk plans with unlimited Canada-wide calling.